• On Transversality will be run on Zoom meetings. If you are joining by using your phone you will need to download the Zoom app. Check this article for further information on how to join a Zoom meeting.
  • Please register in advance for the overall conference on Eventbrite at this hyperlink in order to receive the links to the conference days. By registering, you are not required to attend the whole conference: you can pop in and out of the rooms at your convenience (until places fill up). By registering you will also be able to access the recordings for up to 2 months after the end of the conference. 
  • The event is live captioned with Otter also provides a separate page with the live transcripts. We cannot guarantee that all the short videos shown by our presenters will have subtitles in English, but we will provide them whenever possible.
  • All panels will be recorded for later access (besides the screenings and the Q&As). These will be kept online for up to 2 months after the conference. To access them, please register for the conference at the link above.
  • The screenings will be streamed through Watch2gether or Vimeo/Youtube for better sound/image resolution. They will be available to watch only once, during the panel. You do not need to sign up to these platforms in order to view the link. The link of the video will be sent in the Zoom chat during the event itself, and you will watch it on another tab, then you will come back to the Zoom meeting.
  • Please keep your cameras on during the Q&A, if possible. The Zoom recording will only record the presentations, in which your cameras will be switched off.
  • There will be breaks between sessions (check out the programme for details). However feel free to take a break whenever you need to. There will be transcriptions on the side (provided by so you can easily catch up with the missed content.
  • During Q&A, you can participate by commenting in the Zoom chat. The moderator will then read out the questions to the panelists (and might have to make a selection). If you are not in the room but you would still like to pose a question, tweet us at @transversality_.
  • You can engage with the conference social media by tweeting @transversality_, tagging @ontransversality on Instagram or hashtagging #ontransversality. We will be responding/retweeting/reposting whenever possible.
  • For further accessibility questions or requests please email with the heading “Accessibility.”

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