The ‘On Transversality in Practice and Research’ conference takes place online, between 9-11 December 2020. The conference analyses aspects of interdisciplinarity, intersectionality and transnationalism in research praxis, from anti-racist, decolonial, feminist, and queer methodological perspectives.

PhD students who are part of the team: Giulia Casalini (lead organiser, Drama, Theatre and Performance, University of Roehampton), Jess Adams (School of Arts and Creative Industries, University of East London), Kariima Ali (History, University of Roehampton), Elizabeth Cufley (Visual Arts, University of Westminster), Clare Daly (Drama, Theatre and Performance, University of Roehampton), Paola Debellis Alvarez (Visual Cultures, Goldsmiths University of London), Katherine MacBride (Creative Research into Sound Arts Practice, LCC, University of the Arts London), Greer Mac Keogh (Critical Practice, Chelsea, University of the Arts London), Otto Mponda (Media Culture and Language, University of Roehampton), Khadijah Naeem (Law and Criminal Justice, Royal Holloway), Catia Rodrigues (English, Royal Holloway), Bex Tadman (Drama, Theatre and Performance, University of Roehampton).

Areas of research


How research and practices cut across disciplines in order to formulate productive and radical synergies.


Utilising non-antagonistic strategies in order to build up networks of solidarity and resistance.


Situating one’s research/practice and identity within specific dynamics of power and oppression in order to critically analyse and/or subvert them.


Shifting from the hegemonic towards the marginal, both geographically, politically and culturally.


Interpreting languages and cultures, with particular attention towards care, affect and activism as motivating forces.


Challenging the segregation of knowledges from geographic-specific ‘area studies’ into dynamic cross-cultural and border-crossing formations and hybridisations.


From a philosophical perspective, a non-essentialist notion of subjectivity; cartographically and politically, refusing a fixed residency.

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